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Accoutrements / Powder Horn History#15 APPLIED TIP
« Last post by BEAVERMAN on August 12, 2020, 11:17:55 AM »
Reposting old threads that were lost after the forum cleanup from broken threads or lost pics from photobucket, here's an early build , Maybe some one can use it as a reference or  ideas for their own build! This one has an applied wooden turned tip, it needed to be done after drilling through the side of the forn when drilling the spout and not wanting to waist the horn.

 [ Invalid Attachment ]

Ya know, Darren. I've got a really nice new leather quiver for sale that would look really really good holding those arrows........

David, I make my own quivers so I have plenty, thanks. The one in the second picture I posted is the one I'm currently using.

The Campfire / Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CallahanBlkPwdr!!!
« Last post by Two Steps on August 12, 2020, 07:36:55 AM »
Happy Birthday to ya sir, hope ya have a great one  :toast
The Campfire / Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CallahanBlkPwdr!!!
« Last post by Spotted Bull on August 12, 2020, 05:20:59 AM »
Another Texan having a birthday! Happy birthday sir!
The Campfire / HAPPY BIRTHDAY CallahanBlkPwdr!!!
« Last post by Webmaster on August 12, 2020, 04:01:13 AM »
YAY for CallahanBlkPwdr! - another year notched on yer gunstock! Hope you have a "bang up" birthday!
If any of you live near Point Pleasant WV, this may interest you.
Since there isn't much going on around America this summer..thought you may enjoy little documentary I filmed recently.
The Silver Bridge Tragedy of 1967 at Point Pleasant, West Virginia is still remembered by those that were living there at that time. My father loaded up the whole family in our 1964 light blue Ford station wagon and made the drive to Point Pleasant, West Virginia during the recovery operation. My father's Kodak silent  movie camera went with us.  Recently, I revisited the bridge location for the first time since 1967. Included in this documentary is an interview from 2 locals talking about their experiences of that terrible tragedy along with my father's extremely RARE silent movie footage. Enjoy:

Guess this one could be called a "trekking " video. Since there isn't much "rondy" or trekking activities going on this summer...this is at least something to watch and is less than 5 minutes long.
We've probably all seen the patriot movie with Mel Gibson in it. I tried to recreate the "rescue" scene with 3 cheap deck of card sized video cameras, several "Redcoats" cut from wall paneling, an old editing program & a lot of enthusiasm. This one was 100% done by me at a friend's wooded place in eastern Kentucky.
I hope you enjoy this one from the summer of 2017.

Accoutrements / Re: Powder Horn History#14 Colonial Era
« Last post by BEAVERMAN on August 11, 2020, 11:31:24 PM »
:*: I hope you don't mind my joining the discussion....

I seriously doubt it the twist would impact the fibers of the strap if (caveat) the strap were wide enough to fill the staple so it doesn't slip back and forth on it.  And if it isn't bent over (they didn't have epoxy back "in the day") it could work loose over time as you say; it should be bent over when first installed to prevent that from happening. 

It would be interesting to see the original from Grinsdale's book, get an x-ray to see what was done to secure the staple.


Kees all my staples have been bent from the inside and them epoxied inside and out to try to keep the bent staple from any movement, originals that have been able to see the inside, the staples were either bent or have notched barbs like fish hooks to keep them in place
The Campfire / Re: Osborne Russel's "Journal of a Trapper"
« Last post by rollingb on August 11, 2020, 10:48:44 PM »
I am reading this for the first time after I got a copy a couple of days ago.  I wish I had read it 40 years ago, but I wasn't interested in the historical aspect of muzzleloading then.  However, I was working for the US Forest Service at the time and got a transfer to the Pinedale Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton N.F. in Wyoming in the summer of 1982.  Mr. Russel's descriptions of the places he goes are familiar although I would need a map now to remember where they all are.  It would have been really neat to have known this history when I was there!  As I wrote, I wasn't interested at the time; shucks, I didn't even get to the museum there, like a dummy!  ;banghead;

Maybe someday I will get there again.  In the meantime it's nice to follow the travels in the book and remember that I have been to some of the same places.


Some of my most memorial elk hunts were above Cora, WY,.... love the area!  :hairy

BTW,.... Cora, WY was named for Jim Bridger's 1st. wife,.... Cora Insala Bridger, the daughter of a Flathead Indian Chief, and was the mother of Mary Bridger.

Cora died at Ft. Bridger at the age of 25.
Butane lighters are a form of flint and steel!!
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