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Which Front Sight?

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What do you guys like to use for a front sight. Meaning black blade, white bead, gold bead etc. What do you guys think works best for hunting in different light conditions?

Targets not so much as almost anything will work, because you can always move to the right lighting for your sight.

I find that I like a simple small white dot the best.

Uncle Russ:
My thoughts on a front sight are, .5" in height, square post, soot black.

Uncle Russ..


--- Quote from: "RussB" ---My thoughts on a front sight are, .5" in height, square post, soot black.

Uncle Russ..
--- End quote ---

You can see that in dark timber on a black bear?

Uncle Russ: least for my old eyes.

We all see the front sights a wee bit differently. We all have different preferences for just how that front sight should contrast with any, and every background to have the target "stand-out".
In fact, I think I still have a can of "soot black" that I use to freshen up the front sight with on occasion, and that alone makes a better sight for my eyes.
When I was a young man, and still smoking, I used my trusty old Zippo to do the same thing, some shooters carry candles in their range box for this purpose, while others carry it in their shooting bag.
You don't let the flame touch the sight, just the smoke and soot from the flame.

I have been shooting for a good many years and spent a few bucks on front sights over the years, especially the highly acclaimed, but fairly expensive, "Marble" sights.
At one time, forty or fifty years ago, I thought I had a preference for the Marbles Ivory Globe on a thin post but I soon discovered, even back then, that with my eyes, the Ivory Globe was prone to fade if the lighting wasn't just right.
As I said earlier, my preference, returned to the heavy square post in a dull / soot black...if it's just black, especially shinny black, it will fade.
The black of a felt-tip will also fade when freshly applied, and if the post is too thin it will also fade, no matter what you do with it.
Thin post sights have a purpose, and that purpose is best defined on well lit targets. Same as thin based Ivory Globe sights, when you're sighting on a well lit black faced target, such as bull's eye, it don't get no better!

A good example of a "shinny" sight that fades out completely, with me, is the beautiful Silver Blade (German Silver) seen on many top-end muzzle loaders. I love the looks of this sight, and the slim dimensions add that certain "look" to about any traditional firearm...not only are they a killer for looks, they are very popular.

Still yet, this should never be a "my sight is better than your sight" discussion, and I hope it's not going that way.
I have no clue how many of those responding are  getting up in age with failing eyes, but even in my late 70's I do know that the front sight is almighty important to each and everyone of us, and we will all likely have a little different preference for what works best for us as individuals.  

Uncle Russ...


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