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Which Front Sight?

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I know i've said in the past how bad my sight is. Blind in one eye, and about 20/40 in the eye that has sight on a good day. It's gotten worse since shooting in my last postal shoots, and i don't expect to do well now. I'll give it a try though. Just point the blurry sights at the blurry bull, and blow some smoke at it. Along with a prayer I might hit it.

I used to shoot the black sight like you do Russ. Not sure it would work now, but I may do some woods walks with different sights to see what works best for me.

I was just curious what everybody was using.

Uncle Russ:
You're dead right Muley!
Try a few different "types" of sights, let the eye determine just what it likes best, and don't try to argue with what it's telling you...much like the barrel of a new gun, let it do all the talking.
It don't have to be 'pretty', it just has to work.

I hope that injury hasn't affected your sight too bad, as I can truly respect that "can't see out of one eye and darn near blind in the other"....old age can sometimes be cruel in that respect, even without an injury.  

After my last post I went out in the shop to see if I could find some black, made sure I took my camera so I could take a picture....well, it's obviously getting close to Christmas here at my house because between all my daughter's family's gifts, in different stages of wrapping, and my wife trying to provide for the kids, grand kids, and great grand kids, it seems I could well consider myself downright lucky to find a bench, much less a small can of sight black!

Good luck with those eyes!

Uncle Russ...

i'm with russb, matt black on the blade works best for me in most light conditions.

I use the silver site and that is hard to see in some light.The darker I go the less I can see. I'm going with peep sights on all my guns or sel them, one or the two.

Russ.........I have the JBMR now, and it's what i'll be shooting for everything. I plan to use the stock sights. The front sight is the square blade type. It's browned. I wonder if it will be similar to your soot black sights. It looks black to me when I shoulder the gun, and the browning shouldn't reflect light.

Whatcha think?


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