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Author Topic: Interested in Mountain man Rendezvous or Primitive Encampments in Southeast  (Read 1102 times)

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However, that being said, if our ads in Fire & Smoke News were not generating any traffic it's a waste of our gold.

Good observation.  Hence the importance of coding every piece of advertising we do.  If you don't know where your responses come from, you might just as well go out into the middle of the street and toss a handful of $$$$ onto the avenue.
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Rondo, I was surprised not to see "Chadron Fur Trade Days" on the list. Maybe they just assume since it's been around for 45+ years they didn't need to advertise the annual event?

All of the events calendars I have seen require the sponsoring group to let them know each year when the event will be held.  If the Chadron Fur Trade guys didn't let Talking Bear know when this year's event will be held they probably won't list it.

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Hey Russ. Is it cost prohibitive to run adds in both Muzzleloader and Fire & Smoke News? If so I understand, but it seems the more coverage we have to more hits we will get. However, that being said, if our ads in Fire & Smoke News were not generating any traffic it's a waste of our gold.

In our many years of running ads in several venues there has never been any definitive increase in the sign up on the TMA forum, or additional Supporting Members, and we have used just about every vehicle available.

Of course, additional members is always what we have hoped for.

Still yet, it puts us in the eye of those that share our own passion of Traditional Muzzloaders.

There are many ways in which to track who signed up after reading these ads. However, with a "Staff" of all volunteers, who also have jobs, families, and a personal life with limited resources, we decided a long time ago that the easiest, most efficient way for "us" to do this is to dedicate a single thread to asking, "How did you hear about the TMA?" .

That particular thread receives very few hits, or posts.
Occasionally we hear that "so and so told me" and as such we have decided that through our own membership,  ie, word of mouth, we have gotten more MPG, than any method we used todate, Facebook is showing more signs of its original intent than ever before, and I personally believe that our newer program of awarding a gift Certificate every-other month to Supporting Members is showing great promise.

So there you have it in a nutshell.
From myself, and a few others, that have been here since day one, and experienced a lot of change.
Some good, some not so good.

Respectfully, Russ...
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Hello  I'm in NE GA Athens area.

Fort Yargo, Winder GA has a annual market faire Aprils fools weekend, give or take a few days depending on how the dates fall.

Travelers Rest in Toccoa has a few days where we come in dressed out to meet and greet the flatlanders.

 Blue Ridge mountain Men has a monthly ML shoot 3rd weekend of the month at Red Hill Range just south of Toccoa.

St Petersburg Crossing , Bobby Brown Elbert county park ( it was a state park) sits between the Broad and Savannah Rivers. We do a 200 yr time line with the canvas 17th-18th up on top November first weekend'ish.

If you do a Facebook search for Southeastern Historians Rhonda will list events she is at as well as others. She has to approve you first which means if she looks at your page profile and doesn't see any vouser pictures or can't find your information ect... you don't get in.

While that may sound unfair it keeps the spam/sales trolls out.
Tenn. parks and living history folk Has an event just about every weekend and everyone is listed on FBand the state parks site.

Bear in mind their is a difference from living history to re-enactment events.

The shoots, show up with your Traditional style ML'er and be ready to fling lead. A small fee applies at BRMM it is 20$ range fee and shoot fee combined.