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Chadron Fur Trade Days July 8 - 12, 2020

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Ohio Joe:
Click Link Below;

Thanks Joe!  :hairy :applaud :*:

Ohio Joe:

--- Quote from: rollingb on January 14, 2020, 11:21:21 AM ---Thanks Joe!  :hairy :applaud :*:

--- End quote ---

You're welcome, Rondo... :shake

Surprised me it was out so soon, but that's okay.

One thing I'm a wondering is if we're still having the annual FTD meeting over at the Museum... Gonna have to find Norm's phone number - usually it's held in late January to mid February... Guess I'll find out sooner or later???  :bl th up 

Ohio Joe:
I've not heard anything about the annual "Chadron Fur Trade Days" event that is to take place in July '20,,, but I will put this out here now as it's only 13 weeks off - and I don't see any "cure" for this Corona-virus coming real soon that would indicate that one morning we're all gonna wake up and all will be just 100% a-o-k and back to normal... Just don't see that happening.

With the above said, I have decided to cancelled my plans to attend Chadron Fur Trade Days 2020... So no Rondy for me this year (unless things change) for the better - and I might take in the doings at Bridgeport, NE (over Labor Day weekend - 2020),,, but we'll play it all by ear???

If I hear anything about Chadron Fur Trade Days, I'll pass it along, here.  :shake

Seems all the rendezvous are on hold so far around here.😕
Stay well !!


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