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Author Topic: TMA Annual Challenge Match - 25, 50, 100 Yards  (Read 2320 times)

Online Uncle Russ

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Re: TMA Annual Challenge Match - 25, 50, 100 Yards
« Reply #15 on: April 04, 2020, 05:41:25 PM »
Ok Joe, thanks. I’m going to get at it as soon this couple feet of snow we have left melts down a bit.
I can appreciate that remark!  :bl th up
For the past two plus weeks we have had decent weather, Easter lilies coming up nice, grass starting to green up, planted 6 Rose Bushes, buds on the Apricot tree, in fact it's loaded with buds, and then this morning when I wake up it's white outside.
Not much, but totally white......and it did get down to 28* last night.
Come 2pm and it's gone!

Hope your weather clears up soon Paul, I'm thinking that it's just a temporary set back for me, but then again we have had 2ft. of snow in May.....there's an old saying here where I live, "Never plant anything until after 15 May", or, as long as the snow is not more than half-way down on the Glockum, a mountain we can see in the background, actually it's in another county, but it stands out like an ice-crème cone at times.
I'm very anxious to get out and start shooting but, unfortunately, we are all still under the "Stay-at Home" order until 4 May now.....much like many others.
So you guys all stay safe, and be careful.  We will all get through this, and that's when we will make the smoke happen...


It's the many things we don't do that totally sets us apart.
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