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Spotted Bull:
A few from our recent cannon school

Ohio Joe:
Every once in a while before our kids grew up into adult's, we use to go to places like Ft. Laramie, Ft. Union - and back in those days the Forts use to keep quite a few reenactment groups on site... It was great to see the American Mountain Men, and some "period" Infantry Units at these places - doing reenactment...

Anyway, we always made sure to gather for the firing of the cannon at Ft. Laramie in the afternoon when we would be there visiting... Same deal at Ft. Kearney...

Our last visit to Ft. Laramie, (2 to 3 years ago), it was nice to see them trying to work their way back to those days of reenactment groups after 8 years of government neglect of our Nations historical sites.  :bl th up

Blanks or LIVE rounds?

We don't do blanks in the North South Skirmish Association and we shoot cannon for score.

Spotted Bull:
These were all blank rounds. We don't shoot'em live. We really don't have a range long enough. We like the smoke and the noise!

Ohio Joe:
Blanks at the places the family and I have visited.

However, at the Ft. Robinson Rendezvous back in (2001 or 2002?) one of the guys brought a Civil War cannon with him - and shot live rounds... His first shot took out the upper part of a tree on Soldier Creek... Not quite enough elevation - but a spectacular shower of wood splinters flying everywhere... Kind'a drove home the point that you don't necessarily need to use "grape-shot" when you have trees available to act as "Mother Natures" shrapnel...

He didn't hit no more trees after that first shot...  :bl th up


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