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A Few Cannon Shot Pictures

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I'm using a linstock to light off another round. Cannon is a replica of a "Parrot" styled rifled howitzer. Like most snub nose guns, muzzleblast is beyond obnoxious in live fire. We finished 4th out of 12 guns at that match.

Winter Hawk:
What is that Dave, about 300 yards?


It's only a 100yd. We shoot further in Winchester. There are guys that shoot one hole groups at 100 and it can be hard to score them. In the match in the picture, the scoring consisted of an 8in bullseye and 6 hanging tiles. Great fun even if we lose.

Uncle Russ:

Good job, Dave
I've always love the sight, sound, and smell of real cannon fire, However....all I have personally are two small miniature cannons in 30 caliber, enough to make one jump if they're not expecting it, plus I have touched them off precious few times.

Uncle Russ...

At the Big Island Rendezvous in Albert Lea MN.  We do live fire demos, 3 times a day with a cannon built in 1863, plus i do live fire with my 24 pound 5.8 inch bore mortar. We also do blank fire demos.


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