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Renewal Not Showing

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J sent in my renewal check a couple months ago to make sure I wouldn't let my renewal date slip by. But, when I scanned my profile this morning I did not see that I had paid up through next year. Just want to make sure everything got logged. If there is a problem, just let me know.

Hi Ray,
I think it is a problem of having to rely upon a volunteer work force.  They do what they can when they can.
Have you checked your bank account on line to see if the check has been processed?  If it has, you are good, just waiting for the update on your profile.  If it hasn't been processed, well, your check is still in the mail, I reckon.
Have faith, something will happen soonly.
In the meantime, a happy Easter to you and yours.

Hi Ray, I just checked the March Ledger provided by Rob (our TMA Sec/Tres) and it shows you renewed your TMA Membership by PayPal on 3/10/20.
I then went into your Account Settings and saw your account is Active with an end date of 4/17/21.  :bl th up

I don't know if the "system" automatically fails to show a new update until the old date expires, or what is going on.... but I will keep an eye on it.  :bl th up

Ray,.... I think I got it fixed!  :) :hairy

 :applaud :applaud
Thanks, my friends! I was sure it was sumthin' like that, but wanted to make sure to be on the safe side. Now I can rest easy, knowing I am safely enrolled for another year... :applaud


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