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This was posted on the Dixon Muzzleloading Shop Facebook page today.......

It is time to announce that we will no longer be holding the Annual Gunmakers' Fair at Dixons. It has been a good long run, but for many reasons, we have come to the decision to end the fair.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank family and friends, judges, seminar speakers, volunteers, vendors, and all the folks who attended the Fair over the years.
Please know, we are not retiring. The shop will remain open for business in the coming years.

I was able to take the opportunity of going back there a time or two.  It was sure worth the effort.
The classes were good, hosted by knowledgeable crafts persons.
 And Trader's Row was great.  About like going to Friendship for the Spring or Fall Shoot.  Better in a way, because people who did not display at Friendship were at Dixon's.
Too bad, it was a summer staple for many folks on the east coast.  It will be missed.

John (Bigsmoke)

Hank in WV:
I've been there several times. Was going this summer if covid would allow. It will be missed.

Been to the Dixon's Fair a few times and  always some things of interest to pursue for sure, specially for getting flints, powder and ramrods.  Always wished they would have offered a shooting range.

Ohio Joe:
Well that sure is a shame...

Even if a feller never went to one, many of us always followed the results of the event. Who went, who had what, and what was the latest going on in this hobby... I'm sure it's going to be missed...


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