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My bad. Here is a picture of the Nessmuk style "shanty' tent. I think the Whelan tent is a better choice but I'm no "expert". Expert being described as "Some S.O.B type from out of town with a briefcase".

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Ohio Joe:
I'll probably just stick with my small A-Frame Wedge Tent & Awning (pictured above) this year. I've had to much going on to get anything useful done in the "Rendezvous" area, and the doings will be here before I know it. As long as I have my - beer cooler, food, shade, and roof over my head - I'll be a happy camper. :laffing

Winter Hawk:
It's been a while since I read Nessmuk, but what I remember is that he put up a frame, then nailed the canvas to it.  Whelen's tent doesn't require carrying a bunch of nails around!   :laffing



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