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--- Quote from: Ohio Joe on April 07, 2021, 10:56:11 PM ---Kees, I wonder if a feller could make one of those like you're making out of a "painters tarp" (white canvas)... It would probably turn a darker color after treating it I would think, or -  just dye it with cold coffee... Folgers / Max Well House - I don't think it'd make a difference... But I ain't a going to go de'caf !!!  :laffing  :shake

Rondo, I'm not sure, but did you make that trade (.62 smoothie fowling piece) about 3 or 4 years ago at the Chadron Fur Trade Rondy? For some reason I'm thinking you and Beth where down on that bend on the knoll? If so, I think I recall that.


--- End quote ---

Yessir!  :hairy  :*:

Winter Hawk:
I don't see why not, Joe.  It would be heavier and I'm looking for something to carry in a pack when traipsing across the countryside.  Not that I do that much anymore.  I try to put in a couple of miles of walking daily to keep me and the dogs healthy and that includes hiking in the woods around here.  "They" are putting in a system of mountain bike trails where I have stomped around for the last 15 years which has taken all the charm out for me...  ;banghead;


Ohio Joe:

Myself, I have never gotten into the trekking... I should... I have an abundance of places to do it out here where I live.

I think I will try my hand at making a leanto and play a bit with it at Rendezvous. I'll probably take the wedge tent along as well. Of course if the family decides (at the last minute - as has happened before) that some of them are going to come along,,, well,,, just have to see where that takes me.  :shake  And I'd love to see them come along!!!  :hairy


I'm a bit late to the party but FWIW this is a Nessmuk style tarp tent. It's got an awning. Harbor freight sells cotton painters drop cloths that are heavy enough to be used for the "canvas" to make a Nessmuk tent. Some brass eyelets and a few poles, some rope and wala your room is ready sir.


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Winter Hawk:
Actually, that's the Whelen lean-to tent, designed and advocated by Colonel Whelen.  The picture you show is a few pages further in "On Your Own in the Wilderness" from what I posted.  He also has a plan for a Forester tent which I had thought of making when I made the basic lean to.  Lots of canoeists use the Whelen lean-to since they can carry the greater weight easier than one can rolled up in a back pack.

I still have to waterproof what I sewed together.  I have the ingredients, just need to take the time to mix them together, set up the lean-to and paint the waterproofing on....



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