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Winter Hawk:
Got the 25 yard target shot this morning; PITIFUL!  ;banghead; But it is what it is, as a friend often says.  Maybe better next month (tomorrow?).  :pray: I only had time to shoot that, plus three shot off the bench which confirmed that I can't blame the rifle.  I could probably have done better with my longbow, and I'm pretty bad with it also!  :scared:


The Miner '49er:
Hang in there and roll with the punches. Sometimes it all clicks, and sometimes, no matter what you try, it all turns to -how shall I say it?- male equine excrement!   :Doh!

Got my 25 YD in today.  I forgot about the 50 and didn't really have time to set up for it anyway.  All in fun

Winter Hawk:
Looking at the targets for May, there was some mighty fine shooting done last month! :yessir: Congratulations, and I'll see if I can't give you folks a run for your money this month. :laffing



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