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April 2022 Monthly Postal Match Results * FINAL *

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And we're off!  Let's get out shootin' !!


No Powder (aka  "The Clock Maker") = 50-4x WINNER!
Miner '49er = 50-3x
Nessmuk = 49-1x
Winter Hawk = 46-1x
CWGrizz = 46-0x
KDubs = 45-1x

Great shootin' fellers!  Thanx to all who participated. 

Hopefully May will be a better weather month and more of us will get out shootin'!  :wave  :*:

The Miner '49er:
April results?????

At least for SW Ohio this is more like November than April. It has rained daily for over a week, and precip of one form or another is predicted for the next eight days. Yesterday we had a touch of snow and some fine baby hail pellets. Same with the mini hail today. Temps in the upper 30's and low 40's. Should we scrap an April shoot and substitute a snowball fight?   ;banghead;

Same here in Nor'East Jersey - every day so far this month has been some variant of cold, wet, windy.  April be like that.

Well here in north idaho the weather remains cool, 40-50 but it is drying up.   :applaud
 I'll be poking holes in paper next week.  :pray:

Winter Hawk:
I got out last Thursday and shot my April target.  Nothing to write home about, I had quite a vertical string going.  One hole is questionable.  When I looked at the target it seemed like it cut the 10 ring, but in the photo it looks like it may be outside it.  Rob can decide which it is, & if it is outside he can deduct a point off my score.  At any rate, let's see some more targets on here!


Remember, April showers bring May flowers.  And Mayflowers bring Pilgrims....  :Doh!  ;banghead;


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