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***NEW*** 2022 TMA Postal Long Distance BENCH MATCH - starts MAY 2022


Starting THIS MONTH, MAY 2022, there will be the addition of a TMA Postal Long Distance Bench Match.

"BENCH" = Use any manner of firearm untethered forestock rest (the gun is not clamped or tied to the rest) which might be a modern forestock gun rest, a block of wood, a mono or duo or tripod gun rest, a bean bag, a wooden block, cross-sticks, etc. No slings.  Sitting, kneeling, or standing only. 

Print out TWO of the Special TMA Long Distance Bench Match target face to use for this event -

One face for 50 yards, one face for 100 yards.

Scoring - The entire 8-1/2" x 11" face counts 5 points, the 8" white bull counts 9 points, the 5-3/8" black bull counts 10 points.

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All other TMA Postal Match rules apply.

50 yards, best consecutive 5 shots
100 yards, best consecutive 5 shots

BOTH distances must be shot for score, and the "Bench Match" score is the total points of both distances, therefore a perfect score = 100.

There must be two target faces submitted, 50 & 100 yards, each filled out with the required pertinent data the target face asks for, and added to each would be the distance shot at and how it was shot. 

A few shooting position examples are - "sitting, bean bag", or "kneeling, cross-sticks", or "sitting, cross-sticks", or "standing, tripod". 

Any combination of sitting/kneeling/standing and an acceptable rest for the gun's forestock is allowed.

SO, we'll have the usual 25 yard offhand match along with the 50/100 yard bench match.  Enter either or both matches for 1 or more months.

Thanks to The Miner '49er for this excellent new postal match suggestion!  :bl th up

I like it!! I may stink at it but I like it!!


Yezza, Yezza  :yessir:
 I'll enlist in this new venture.  Sounds like a lot of fun and frustration .

Winter Hawk:
:hairy Put me in also!  We'll see how steady I am when I have a little support...  :bigsmile:


I may have to submit blank targets, but I will give this a "shot".   :laffing


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