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Author Topic: Lyman GPR DST Triggers and Locks  (Read 16 times)

Online cwgrizz

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Lyman GPR DST Triggers and Locks
« on: August 18, 2022, 11:55:51 PM »
I have two GP rifles.  One is an older percussion and the other is a newer (10 years old never shot).  The perc rifle has been doing pretty good for years, but it has developed a no cock condition if the set trigger is not set.  I had this problem years ago, but honestly, I don't remember what I did to correct it.  This time I tried shimming the trigger assy with card stock and it worked for about 40 shots.  I really don't think shimming was the answer.  I think that there is an adjustment (not the screw between the triggers for reducing set trigger let off).  At one time I had a picture of the assy and what each part did and what I adjusted.  Needless to say, I can't find it.

The flinter has a lot of creep in the trigger with or without the set.  I haven't tried a longer set adjusting screw yet and really haven't played with it at all to see what can be done.

Two questions:
1.  Has anyone used the R.E. Davis "Deer slayer" replacement trigger assy and if so, do you like it?
2.  For the flinter, would it be worth the money for an R.E. Davis "Deer Slayer" trigger assy ($75) and an L&R lock ($220) to upgrade the GP Rifle Flintlock?

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated and a picture with the part names for the trigger assy.