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TMA 2022 Postal Match April to September ***FINAL***


Thanx to all who participated, hope ya had some fun, good luck in the coming TMA 2023 Postal Match!  :wave

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Winter Hawk:
What, no October shoots???  :bigsmile:

No Powder must be getting bored, out shooting the rest of us like he has.  Practicing for the Olympics, eh? :yessir:

Well done, and something the rest of us can try to achieve also.  The bar is set v-e-r-y high though.  :hairy


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 Well I am a pore representative of our sport.
 Didn't submit any targets this yr. Sorry indeed.
 Just too much life happening this yr.
 The above target was shot yesterday with my finally reassembled TC .54. ( just in time for deer season )
 The last 2 shots were same hole bullseye. @ 50 yds bench
 I'm coming for you next yr no powder.


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