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Author Topic: Bobby Christian Fowler  (Read 206 times)

Offline Eddie Southgate

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Re: Bobby Christian Fowler
« Reply #15 on: February 16, 2023, 08:54:11 PM »
I hope Jim comes out with that smoothbore BEFORE I run out of "years".   :laffing  :bl th up

I'm with ya on that!  Not many years left in this ol' body!  Sobering thoughts!

I just took a "test" on the Living to 100 website.  According to them, I should be good until I am 91.  :applaud  I think that will be long enough.  Might even have a chance to get out and shoot a bit by then.  And maybe even get a few more muzzleloaders as well.  Preferably percussion ones.  I definitely have enough flinters.  3.  And enough smooth bores  2.  Silly me, I sold my plains rifle last year.  Percussion rifle.  Why do I keep doing these things?

John (Bigsmoke)

 Everybody needs a hobby , that's why.