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Author Topic: Posted Image Rotation  (Read 17184 times)

Online RobD

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Posted Image Rotation
« on: December 16, 2022, 06:53:39 PM »
I've just added a new forum mod to care for both image rotation and sizing.

Image attachment re-sizing will be automatic from this date on.  Images that are larger than 1024 in both width and height will be resized in a scalar manner to which ever side is largest, and that side will be shown in posts as 1024 max.  It is scalar, so the image will remain proportional. 

As an example, if an uploaded image attachment is 4000x3000, that image will be resized to 1024(width) x 768 (height).  ALL attached images will also be posted at 70% resolution, which is the most any image can be rendered on the internet.

After uploading an image, you may notice it's not in a proper viewing orientation.

Click on the "Modify" post text.

Click on "Attachments and other options"

You will see that each image you've posted can be rotated in many different ways!

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