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Scoring Mike Fink target

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The Miner '49er:
Oh great Nessmuk please define what constitutes a 4. Is it a shot from the thin line separating 6 from 4 all the way to the uppermost thick black line that is the back of the rim, or is it from the 4/6 line to the closest thick black which would be the front of the rim?

Winter Hawk:
Ooh, good question!  We await the determination with baited breath!   :laffing


The Miner '49er:
You're so right, WH, that would mean + or - 4 precious points!

When I volunteered for this I didn't know I would be imbued with superior judgement, or so you must think. I hope you don't mind if I apply my common sense instead. The Mike Fink cup is a drawing of typical old tin cup, much like the one  I'm holding right now. The middle bands are slightly raised rings circling the cup and thicker rings encircle the top and bottom.

So imagining a 3d cup, any broken line scores the higher number including the thicker sides. Judging from the drawings angle, we are all taller than Mike so the top back lip also counts.

Now the bottom line, the object is to hit the cup off Mike's head, so as long as you break the edge of the bottom it's 10 points. Killing Mike is immaterial except maybe to Mike's cutthroat crew who may come after you.

The Miner '49er:
Thank you, that answered my question and I get 4 more points that I wasn't sure of.   :bigsmile:  Much like you, I did way better this year than last and that was a real surprise.


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