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Scoring Mike Fink target

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Winter Hawk:
Thank you, oh Great and Worthy Nessmuk!  From now until the Internet is gone we can refer back to this post and get clarification.  It is now a part of the historical record for future generations.  :toast

The Miner '49er:

--- Quote from: Nessmuk on July 22, 2023, 12:20:41 PM ---When I volunteered for this I didn't know I would be imbued with superior judgement, or so you must think.

Nessmuk, "you 'da man!" Now Winter Hawk joins me in recognizing the superior powers you earned as NMD. Keep up the good work and we'll keep shooting those targets. But, please, no more Perils of Pauline!  ;)
--- End quote ---

Perils of Pauline has been deleted, never to be repeated. You guys don't need to butter me up, I'm sticking with this for the duration.

 :yessir:   :yessir:   :yessir:


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