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August Postal Match Targets[/font][/size]

This month we're shooting the same target as in the famous movie "Sgt York".
I figured if Gary Cooper can hit the center 5 times, so can we!!

The scoring is anything in the notch is 10 points (including the top line), anything in the black is 5 points.

Winter Hawk:
Never having seen the famous movie "Sgt. York", I can only speculate that the bottom of the white V is where all of our shots should be clustered, right?

And, should this be printed out in landscape instead of portrait?  It makes a difference size-wise....


Since there are no scoring lines in the "notch", and Nessmuk said anything in the notch is 10 points and anything in the black is 5 points, well, the notch is 10 and the black is 5.

John (Bigsmoke)

Ohio Joe:
From what distance and shooting position?

Joe, I believe that target is usually shot offhand at 25 yards.  If you stretch it out to 50, it is a real challenge.
I don't know, Nessmuk - what is the official answer?


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