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This forum is free and open to the public, and registration is as a forum Guest. However certain areas are designated for TMA Members only and cannot be accessed by visitors. As a forum Guest, you can join and become a TMA Member. A few rules must be stated to ensure a clean and proper information sharing environment. To access this forum you must first register. The following will not be permitted and failure to follow these rules may result in suspension of access privilege:

  1. Extreme Foul Language (This forum is open to all ages. Please respect others and avoid using harsh and inappropriate language).
  2. Sexually Explicit Material.
  3. Subjects relating to the Advocation of Illegal Drug Use.
  4. Subjects relating to the Anti-American sentiment.
  5. Intimidation of Others.
  6. Discussion of Modern/Inline Black Powder Rifles/Weapons (This forum is dedicated to preserving the rich and fascinating heritage of Traditional Muzzleloading Firearms. For discussion regarding modern/inline muzzleloading weapons, please visit another forum.)
  7. Discussion of any weapon after the 1900 time frame is also prohibited.

These rules ensure that our members receive the targeted information sought after without distraction.

When you first visit our forum, you are an Unregistered Guest and are only allowed to read the first four forums that explain what the TMA is, how to join the TMA and how to register for our forum.

You may participate in many discussion forums without being a paid TMA Member by simply becoming a forum Guest. When you register, you will be able to read more forums and you may participate in any forum that you can read content in.

Paid TMA Members will have even more forums available to them and of course be able to vote and discuss matters of the TMA.

In order to participate as a forum Guest or a paid TMA Member, please follow these directions and you will be added to the correct group as soon as your registration is received and verfied.

At the top of any page you will need to click on Register. Fill in the requested information accurately.

You must provide your real email address to receive authentication to proceed and then you may request which group you wish to be added to. After you have received your email (it is immediate) you may then apply to be added to the correct group.

To request entry into the paid TMA Members group you must either already be a paid member or have sent in your application and dues. Once your paid membership is verified by the moderator, you will be added to the paid member's group.

The discussion of current politics, religion and posts of an off color or sexual nature are not allowed on this forum. Any mention of Politics and Religion must be for purposes of historical reference or discussion.

Violation of this policy may result in being banned from the forum in the discretion of the Board of Directors.

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