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For over six hundred years, muzzleloading weapons have played an integral part of societies all around the world. Wars have been won, wilderness has been tamed and generation after generation of human life has been sustained. From cannons to matchlocks, smoothbores to rifles, the muzzleloading firearm has become an image synonymous with the freedom of an American Nation. The TMA is dedicated to preserving the rich and fascinating heritage of the traditional muzzleloading firearms of early America. Whether your interest is in rendezvous, re-enactments, historical clothing, camps, trapping, weapons, accoutrements or American history, all historical topics in relation to the muzzleloading firearms prior to 1900 are welcomed.

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The discussion of current politics, religion and posts of an off color or sexual nature are not allowed on this forum. Any mention of Politics and Religion must be for purposes of historical reference or discussion.

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